Montgomery's Cheddar


With passion and immense skill Jamie Montgomery makes a superb farmhouse cheddar from his herd of two hundred Friesian cows. Wrapped in muslin cloth for the duration of its maturation – we prefer versions aged between twelve and eighteen months – the crumbly-textured pate melts in the mouth. The lovely grassy aromas offset the fruity rich taste, which lingers gently, yet persistently, on the tongue. A very sophisticated, classic cheese. 250g


Rye biscuits


Handmade in small batches - perfect with Montgomery's Cheddar cheese!


Purity Brewing Co., `Pure UBU` Amber Ale


Winner of seven awards, the UBU is a strong, dark beer, that is distinctive and full in flavour with a sweeter finish. Amber-toffee in colour, it combines the bittering characters of the Northern Brewer hops with aromatic notes from the exciting American Cascade variety. The Cascade contributes light, orange peel aromas to the nose, which fight through the richer, malty overtones. The palate is nutty, sweet and notably quaffable.

Father's Day Cheese and Beer 2