Etoile de Gatine

Shaped like a perfect star. With a thin natural rind and a lovely fudgy consistency, it is perhaps best eaten young. The interior pate, pure white in colour, is mild and clean with a lactic tang. A perfect pair for dry white wine, champagne or Cremant.

Due to seasonality we may not always have this cheese in stock.


Comté d'Estive

Ivory-coloured pate, with a rich, nutty flavour and a golden brown rind. In the style of a distinct Gruyère, with a hint of caramel sweetness. We select mountain-aged cheeses stored in traditional cellars close to where they are made. The cheeses we choose are from June, July, August and September, and are available in three ages: the classic d'Estive, aged 12 - 24 months; the Reserve, aged 24+ months; and the Grand Reserve – available for a limited time in the winter – aged 36+ months.


Brie de Meaux

A soft velvety texture with a tender bloomy rind. Mentioned anecdotally in writings dating back to the ninth century, this cheese is an absolute classic. The taste is complex and rounded and soothing, with notes ranging from mushroom to cauliflower to sauteed cabbage and leek. The pate is a rich golden color, contrasting the bloomy whites and deeper flaxen flourishes on the rind. 


Roquefort Papillon Gold

This Roquefort is balanced and elegant with the refined and complex sweet and earthy taste of sheep's milk specially selected for its quality, matured for nine months - three times the usual period of  affinage . The cheese is characterized by its creamy white, buttery curd, scattered with large blue 'craters.' Its texture is melting, silky on the palate, fine and smooth. Perfect for red wines, or a classic pairing of Sauterne.

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