A beautiful selection of  artisan cheeses, wine and biscuits for a lockdown treat delivered to your door.

The pack consists of 1 wine, 2 x 250g cheese (Chabichou goat's cheese approx. 150g) and a box of biscuits.


Wine - choose 1 from:

Les Vignes de l'Eglise Merlot Granache

This wine is cherry red in colour, with fresh, perfumed aromas of ripe plum and cherries. It is smooth on the palate with medium to full body and integrated supple tannins. Juicy, easy to drink, with a touch of spice on the fruit-driven finish.


Duffour Côtes de Gascogne

A quality driven approach in this family run vineyard leads to a classic, great quality wine. The traditional grape varieties of Colombard, Gros Manseng and Ugni Blanc are expertly blended to give vibrant citrus and exotic fruit with an aromatic finish.


Les Cabotines Touraine Rosé

Made by direct pressing and matured on fine lees, this Rosé is light and dry, standing out from the sweet rosés of neighbouring Anjou. Family-owned and now run by the fifth generation, Joel Delaunay practises sustainable viticulture, bottling under screwcap.


Cheese - choose 2 from:

Brie de Meaux

A soft velvety texture with a tender bloomy rind. Mentioned anecdotally in writings dating back to the ninth century, this cheese is an absolute classic. The taste is complex and rounded and soothing, with notes ranging from mushroom to cauliflower to sauteed cabbage and leek. The pate is a rich golden colour, contrasting the bloomy whites and deeper flaxen flourishes on the rind. 



A soft, fresh tasting goat's cheese, shaped like a gently tapered cylinder. The texture is smooth yet quite close-textured. Produced traditionally with a lovely aromatic rind. It can be eaten young and fresh, however it reaches its ideal state – sweeter and crumblier – as it matures and dries out.


Comté d'Estive

Ivory-coloured pate, with a rich, nutty flavour and a golden brown rind. In the style of a distinct Gruyère, with a hint of caramel sweetness. We select mountain-aged cheeses stored in traditional cellars close to where they are made. The cheeses we choose are from June, July, August and September, and are available in three ages: the classic d'Estive, aged 12 - 24 months; the Reserve, aged 24+ months; and the Grand Reserve – available for a limited time in the winter – aged 36+ months.


Fourme d'Ambert

Known as the 'connoisseur’s blue cheese.' Capsule-shaped, patched with grey/white moulds on a natural thin rind. The interior is cream-coloured with smooth even marbling which never dominates the flavour. The texture is rich and mellow with a nutty subtle flavour, making it a perfect partner for fine wines as the taste is not overly aggressive.


Biscuits - choose 1 from:

Oat, Spelt, Caraway, Rye or Charcoal


Hand-baked in small batches to ensure quality and consistency, our La Fromagerie biscuits contain no additives.

Lockdown Cheese & Wine