LesVignes de l'Eglise Merlot Granache

This wine is cherry red in colour, with fresh, perfumed aromas of ripe plum and cherries. It is smooth on the palate with medium to full body and integrated supple tannins. Juicy, easy to drink, with a touch of spice on the fruit-driven finish.


Comté d'Estive

Ivory-coloured pate, with a rich, nutty flavour and a golden brown rind. In the style of a distinct Gruyère, with a hint of caramel sweetness. We select mountain-aged cheeses stored in traditional cellars close to where they are made. The cheeses we choose are from June, July, August and September, and are available in three ages: the classic d'Estive, aged 12 - 24 months; the Reserve, aged 24+ months; and the Grand Reserve – available for a limited time in the winter – aged 36+ months.

Merlot & Comté gift set