Port & Stilton gift set

Port & Stilton gift set


Sandeman Founder's Reserve Ruby Port

One of the finest Reserve Ruby Ports on the market. Fine damson, plum, cocoa and cassis flavours are carried by finely structured tannin, sweetness, and a balanced acidity.


Colston Bassett Stilton

With a well-marbled texture, this blue cheese uses traditional rennet – uncommon among Stiltons – producing a nuttier, biscuity edge to what can otherwise veer towards the metallic. The rough, pitted grey-orange rind needs daily brushing to keep mould and cheese mites from encroaching into the pate. And by introducing the blue at a slightly later stage (piercing the rind so that air may circulate within the curds and stimulate the growth of penicillium roqueforti mould) the curds get a little kick-start in maturing – encouraging rounder, more savoury flavours – before the veins impart that delightful spicy blue tang.


Accompanied with oat biscuits.

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