Cave de Hunawihr, Riesling Réserve

This Riesling is made from grapes growing along the south-facing hillsides in Hunawihr at an altitude of 250-320 metres. Lively and fresh, with characteristic bright acidity and elegant citrus and floral flavours.



A soft cheese with a brine and Marc de Bourgogne (pomace brandy) washed rind, taking on a deep robust apricot colour. Camembert-shaped, with a rich juicy flavour that ranges the meatiness of steak tartare to peanut butter. Tasting rather strong and wonderfully aromatic with an almost melting quality, the slightly flaky consistency toward the centre of the pate lends a balance of texture we adore. A rare treat.


Accompanied with caraway biscuits.

Riesling & Epoisses gift set