In support of British cheese makers this is our second box we have put together with some of our favourite British cheeses. The box included 250g of Keen's Cheddar, 250g Baron Bigod and 250 g Cote Hill Blue. A beautiful selection. 


Keens Cheddar - Somerset

Full-flavoured with a nutty fruity tang and a rich vigorous taste. Somewhat moister than other Somerset cheddars, we prefer the cheeses ripened for at least 12 months, when the depth of flavour broadens and becomes sharper.


Baron Bigod - Suffolk

Jonny Crickmore has come into the world of cheesemaking with the desire to make his family dairy farm more diverse. He has invested in a herd of alpine Montbeliarde cows from France, created pastures that have the right grazing conditions, and dedicated himself and his cheesemaking unit towards making what is, in our opinion, a very fine Brie. It takes the skill of an affineur to bring everything together – for the rind to have the right blooms, for the pate to be rich and not over-runny or -chalky, and for a combination of flavours to balance as you taste. 


Cote Hill Blue - Lincolnshire

Michael and Mary Davenport have been making cheese since 2005 using milk from their Friesian and Red Poll herd. In the summer the cattle graze on pastures rich in clover and in the winter they are fed with a specific mix of silage and haylage, all of which is grown on the farm. The pate has a rich, creamy quality – rather like Camembert – and due to the cellar-maturation the rind develops natural blooms, imbuing the interior roqueforti moulds with a distinct earthy, mushroomy quality.

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